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When Mishkat Welfare Trust was established in 2008, it was because we recognized the responsibility of the muslim ummah towards our youth. We were alarmed at the state of our schools where morality has become nothing but a myth. Today's student needs to be nourished not only in mind, body but also in spirit. We believe that we need to provide opportunities for children to become self-directed, lifelong learners and help them to develop their social, emotional and physical potential in a respectful and nurturing environment with integrated Islamic values. Therefore, two schools emerged under this trust; Olives and Islah. These schools keep in focus the guidelines given in the Quran and Sunnah and implement them in the classrooms. Mishkat Welfare Trust is also active in relief work for natural disasters that may occur in our country such as earthquakes and the recent flood. This is handled separately as need arises.

Trust Membership

You can become a member of Mishkat Welfare Trust by filling out a simple information form and monthly donations. You can also volunteer to become an active member by contributing through your skills and ideas. Besides becoming a member, you can also give a one time donation. We also accept Zakat money which will only be spent on the deserving people and not in the expenditure of the Trust.


A unique combination of religion and modern education. Some how, Pakistan is already saturated with modern and classical educational institutions but to keep pace with the rising demand of the “Ummah” in terms of capacity building , eagerness of discovery, producing standard population is no longer been a dream at all, has come that into reality by the establishment of the jamia islamia. Till now a number of students to get the pride of “Hifz” and “Quaranic learning.”

School Project:

Education and moral development is the basic right of every child. In order to enlighten the deprived and less privileged with both the values a number of Foundation English Grammar Schools” and ALBARAKA MODEL SCHOOL have been established, being supervised in some rural, slum areas and goths. The right of “Education for all” is rightly been accomplished by join efforts of Albaraka Welfare Trust International and Philanthropists.


Most of the areas of Interior Sindh and Baluchistan has never been echoed with the pleasant calling of “Azan” yet. God be praised Albaraka Welfare Trust has succeeded in producing the "Azan" by establishing mosques. People of different walks of life come to get the knowledge of wisdom. The teaching of Islam is spreaded far and wide. Hidden secrets are being unveiled, the curiosity of knowing own self is increased, The true spirit of Islam is being tasted by each and every individual as a result a favorable society is growing up.


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